Company Information

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

We, Nippoh Chemicals, contribute to man and society by creating excellent technologies and products

Charter of corporate behavior

Our corporation believes, for the social development, our social responsibility is to conduct our corporate activities based on the compliance and self-responsibilities, and we establish our corporate code of conduct, which should be observed as “Nippoh Chemicals’ Charter of Corporate Behavior” in the following 10 principles;

Conduct ourselves as good corporate citizens under our corporate philosophy, ”Contribute to mankind and society through the creation of outstanding technology and products”.
Observe domestic and overseas laws and regulations, and conduct in accordance with the corporate regulations.
Maintain healthy and comfortable work place, and each corporate personnel cultivates their own abilities as professionals and exert oneself to a maximum extent.
Understand accurately the social needs, and develop and provide the products and services taking usefulness and safety into account.
Strive for “No accident and No disaster”, and at the same time make approaches aimed at the protection of global environment.
Engage in business activities based on fair and free competition.
Stand firm against illegal and antisocial elements.
Communicate not only with shareholders, but also with society as a whole, and fairly disclose corporate information.
Conduct business activities maintaining co-living with local communities, and contribute to develop them.
Through the above mentioned corporate code of conduct, endeavor for sound and sustainable development of the corporation.

Management's basic policy

Our aim is to become a global fine chemical producer of high profitability and added value by vigorously creating excellent technologies and products through the utilization of such natural resources as iodine and natural gas.2
We supply excellent technologies, products and services which not only fully satisfy our customers but are friendly to the natural environment.
We always try to renovate our business structure through the energetic manpower and organization which can be brought about by enhancing the self-reliance and creativity of our employees